Non GMO Grass Fed Turkey Meat 


      We endeavor to produce Excellent High Quality meat with no additives, no unnatural growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. All Our Turkeys are raised with an all vegetarian diet in a stress free environment. We only use natural lighting to help them grow the way they were created to. We also move our turkeys every 2 days to reduce manure pile up and disease and to give them access to fresh grass and bugs.

-   12-20 lbs    -   $3.25 per lb. 
Whole Turkey    

Turkey Breast

                - $6.25 per lb.
                    -$4.00 per lb
Turkey Wings

Turkey Drumsticks

                        -$4.00 per lb.
                    - $2.00 per lb.
Turkey Liver

Turkey Sausage & Ham    $5.50 lb
Hearts                     $3.00 lb
Backs and Feet         $2.00 lb
Gizzards                  $2.00 lb

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